Healing Arts

All I am is Love. All I give is Love.

Empathy, attention, caring touch, bodywork that allows your life force to fully flow again, healing of energetic blockages - to me, these are all expressions of universal Love. During my sessions, I connect you to a Higher Love. A form of Love that is much larger than my own. Allow universal Love to pour into you.

HEALING ARTS: Getting you back in touch with your body, mind and soul.

For both men & women. I help you restore your healthy balance of natural life force and bliss energy. I support you in grounding and centering yourself. So you can be fully awake and present in the Here & Now. So you can open up for giving and receiving (divine) Love. It’s my mission to make your life force flow again.

In my Healing Arts session, you meet me as a Priestess of Shakti (Sanskrit for life force), as a channel of divine / universal love. Through energetic, shamanic, and somatic healing and yoga techniques, as well as by tantric bodywork, I invite your life force to fully flow (again). My sessions are mostly non-verbal while we work on a much deeper level, inviting divine healing for your energy body. The intention of my work is to bring you back to your natural state of wholeness to ultimately invite the conditions for you to fully awaken. 

.MEET ME if you have a longing to

Reconnect to body, heart and soul
Experience how your life force fully flows again 
Release energetic blockages and disconnections
Experience divine / universal love 
Explore your masculine & feminine polarity
Establish a healthy ground for authentic feminine / masculine leadership
Enrich the energetic dimension of your intimate relationships
Stimulate your creativity
Surrender to the magic of energy work: no coaching or therapy. You are perfect already.

 Let's explore together in what way you wish to, or at present can allow yourself, to receive Love - healing touch, massage, bodywork, listening, cuddling, playing. So you feel fully accepted and worthy of receiving Love (again).  


My Healing Arts reconnect you to your body, heart and soul by freeing up your life energy. This has a huge relaxing and revitalising effect on your general well-being already. But more than that, the techniques I use essentially serve to reconnect you to your authentic polar essence and your divine spark. This process expands your self-knowledge, your energetic awareness and your consciousness, increasing creativity, pleasure potential, and alignment with authentic leadership. The Universal Love I am transmitting will create an experience of wholeness, acceptance and alignment with your authentic feminine / masculine essence, an increased flow of life energy. Connect to the innate wisdom of your life force to feel whole again.


Most of us are disconnected from our body, living only in our head, and need grounding back into the physical and emotional layers so that their life force can flow again. For this purpose, I use energetic healing techniques and/or invite you into your full feminine or masculine essence by playing with our polarities. Polarity is the electricity that ignites between two opposite poles: dark & light, north & south, feminine & masculine, yin & yang. According to tantric philosophy, we all have positive (plus) and negative (minus) poles in our body and consist of a mix of both feminine and masculine energies (not the same as female and male). Our life energy (prana) flows through certain vortexes in our body which are called the chakras. If there are blockages on the energetic level, eg. by stress, trauma or injuries, our natural life energy cannot flow freely through the chakras, affecting the regenerative faculties of the body. This has many negative effects on physical, mental and emotional health. Especially blocked sexual energy (also called shakti / kundalini energy) can create issues, because it is the necessary 'juice´ for creative processes and experiencing pleasure in life. During my sessions, I improve the energetic flows within your body with my hands, body, sound, breath and by activating the magnetic push-pull effect between your chakras and mine. Through our polarity, blockages in your chakra system are cleared and your life force is invited to flow in abundance and support your healing process where you need it most. 

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All I am is Love. All I give is Love.



Healing Arts (90 min): 150€
In this session we explore the current state of your energetic system and the reason why you are coming to me. By healing techniques with or without touch, breathing, sounding or dancing, you dive headfirst into your process of becoming whole again. I work with the elements and energies you need at exactly this moment in your healing journey. You receive space for emotional processing and/or I acquaint you with the play between polarities. This session can be experienced as incredibly liberating and rejuvenating and will open you up for more exploration and transformation.



Healing through Polarity (90 min): 180€


This session builds up on the Healing Arts session. The healing and tantric techniques are further deepened and refined. We focus now on the polarity between feminine and masculine energies in ourselves and between us to unblock your life force energy. Exploring the play field of intimacy, we (re-)establish your connection between the pelvic area and heart. You receive a shower of universal / divine love that leaves you feeling whole, vibrant, loved and full of life pleasure. You can take the insights from this session into your intimate relationships, your leadership, your creative processes.



Bodywork (105 min): 220€


This bodywork & massage session with oil has a deep revitalising and healing effect. I use not only my hands but my whole body to activate the polarity and your life force. This session serves you to reclaim your integrity and self-love, making your body available again to fully reside in, coming Home in who you are in essence. You get to receive the gift of embodied unconditional love, with its incredible healing potential for body, heart and soul.



The work I do is all about getting you back in touch with your body, mind and soul. To restore their balance, so you can be grounded, present in the moment, and enjoy the beautiful moments that life offers. This comes back in everything I offer: Shakti yoga for women, Pranic Healing, Healing Arts, Mindful Yoga, women's workshops, sister circles and 1:1 yoga therapy. My source is my deep connection with the Divine Mother, with the elements Earth & Fire, and my own powerhouse of embodied sensuality. But most of all, I'm a channel of universal (divine) love. 


My background:
For a long time, this whole talk about Love didn't resonate with me at all. I just couldn't connect to what this word, this concept pointed to. Experiencing Love was so beyond my personal experience, yet I was craving it like most of us in my relationships and intimacy. I spent the first half of my life sexually traumatised, disempowered in my femininity, not daring to admit to my sensuality. During my personal journey towards reclaiming my wholeness, I learned to live in my body again, I released energetic blockages, cleaned up old beliefs and physical issues, adopted healthy routines to keep my energy system clear, and reconnected myself to where the energy didn't flow yet. Such as my heart. Such as my womb. Nowadays, I feel alive, healthy, resilient, feminine, full of Love to give. I want to share this with you. I wish for you to experience the same aliveness, the same wholeness and acceptedness during my sessions. By now, I can embrace that my true nature actually IS Love. That all I am, all I want to be, and all I have to give is Love. So I trained to become a channel of Universal or Divine Love, Grace, Shakti lifeforce, or whatever you want to call it - for me, these words all point towards the same all-encompassing source. Let me share my professional and personal experience with transforming sexual trauma and overcoming emotional blockages with you. Let me fill your heart and from there your whole energetic system. So you feel accepted and worthy. 


I’ve studied and practised yoga extensively for 15+ years and extended my experience with Mindfulness, Breathwork, Yoga Therapy, Pranic Healing, Special Needs Yoga, Shakti Tantra, Tantric Bodywork. I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher 500-hours (RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance®, member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and Shakti Tantra teacher at School of Shakti.




My sessions are about healing your energetic body. This can lead to a broad range of emotional experiences, from exhilarating pleasure to confronting deep pain. All expressions of emotions are welcome and needed.


My sessions are not about sensual or sexual gratification. There are no sexual acts. There is no exchange of bodily fluids.


To create a healing container for your process, we both need to feel safe and at ease with each other. We agree on clear boundaries before the session starts, for both of us. During a session, both parties can withdraw their consent at all times.


Please come showered to the session.


Payment needs to be received before the start of the session. Cancellation for free is possible up to 24 hrs in advance, otherwise payment is due.